Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Needed to Hear Her Voice

I've been miserable lately so I went to lie down with ice and a pillow under my legs.  I thought, I need to talk to Annie my twin. (Hi Annie!)
It was the sweet balm I needed today.  I found out she has severe stenosis also. I never knew that.  If I did, I forgot.....seems that happens more and more.
Anyway during the time I talked to her I relaxed.  The resting in bed and my medicine were working to at least take the edge off.  4:oo pm seems to be the worst time of the day.  Maybe I'll take my meds a little earlier tomorrow to see if that helps.

I called the Ortho Dr. and he wasn't in today so his secretary will talk to him in the morning and see if I can have something stronger until the 18th when I have my first session of nerve blocker shots.

I asked the surgery center if they get a cancellation, to put me on the list.  She said she would and also said that people are usually in this kind of pain like me and don't miss appointments.
Doesn't hurt to ask.

Thanks, Annie for helping me relax.  I got that ointment you mentioned and have just put it on.  We'll see how it works.

This is a card to send to Rachel's parents.  They invited us to lunch Sunday.  I love these birds by Tim Holtz.
This card was made for the Splitcoaststampers sketch challenge. The googly eyes are so fun to play with for these birds.

I saw this tonight and feel like I'm on the edge. I'm praying that God helps me in a miraculous way soon.  Living with pain is all consuming.  You can only block it out and try to work through it so long.  Then you just break down and cry or go to sleep to avoid it.
I love this image and sentiment.  In my darkest times when my Dad died and my husband asked for a divorce, I tried to keep doing things for people to feel useful and distracted.  It's a wonderful way to lose yourself and feel good that you are needed.  It's wonderful to think that God may be sending me or you to help someone and YOU or I become the answer to their prayer.  Incredible that I could be the answer to somone's prayer isn't it?
To cheer myself up I googled Minions and found some really funny pictures.  Check these out.  Some I can relate to and others fit people here in my immediate family.  Enjoy.
 This first one is me for sure....Sometimes I have to interrupt someone because if I don't I lose what I want to say.

These minion images made me smile again.  Thank you God for that.

This is an incredible story from Danny Gokey. Have tissues handy....

Blessing of the Day:Talking to Annie.
It was a gorgeous day in the 70's today.
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