Saturday, December 12, 2015

68 Degrees in Cleveland on December 12th, 2015-Who Would Have Imagined it?

Here's sweet Annabelle sleeping on the softest blanket we have. She is one who usually sleeps upstairs on Sarah's bed.  Every once in a white, she changes places.

 This is Ben and my creation.  We followed a recipe I found on FB. You unroll two cans of Pillsbury rolls then fill them with taco seasoned meat, cheese, onion, garlic, then bake as directed on the tube. We cut them and ate them by opening and adding cheese and lettuce and tomato.  We had to use fork and knife to eat these.  They were so good. Thanks Buddy for your help.
 Here we are Dec. 12th and here in Ohio it is 68 degrees.  Phoebe and I were on the back porch.  She was sleeping, I was eating lunch!  Unbelieveable isn't it?  I'll keep these temperatures for sure!
 This is a tag I made for the SVS Inspiration Challenge.  I think I'll make some a little simpler for thank you cards.
Health Wise-I came home from school after lunch yesterday, I was feeling so miserable.  I wasn't sure in the morning if I'd go, but   I went in case Emily needed extra help or if she needed to leave early.  My cold got worse, I was congested in my chest, my head hurt, I had an ear ache and I was coughing.  Then I started having pain down the left side of my neck, through my shoulder and collarbone, then down through my arm to my wrist.

I just want to cry................I have so much to do yet for Christmas.  Okay God, You win, it's all in your time. I need to put this all in your hands and leave them there.

Poor Phoebe: Curious kitty Phoebe snuck into the attic when Tim or Sarah opened the door briefly yesterday.  We heard her meowing far away and finally found her in the attic.

Blessing of the Day:It is 68 degrees!  Brianna is moving from her mom's to her new house today.
Sarah and I got to spend time shopping for socking stuffers last night at Targe about 10 p.m.  We had so much fun! (These time are few and far between so I treasure them.)
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