Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cold, Cold, Go Away.....Don't Come Back Another Day!

So, just when I begin to feel no pain in my back and hip I get a nasty sore throat.  It makes sense since Thursday I started volunteering at school again.  I have to build up my immunity for all the little germs children pass around.

OOOPPPSSSSS! I had to stop.  The UPS man brought my new Stampin' Up order!  It's products that are in a new catalog for Valentine's Day and Spring.  Such pretty new toys.  God has a sense of humor you know?  I am 30 minutes away from going to lunch with a friend.  Then I have dinner plans with two other friends.  I won't get to play with these until about 9 p.m.!
Makes me laugh how God works.

So my family is so funny sometimes. When kids go out on errands I may ask them to get me Dan Dee cheddar popcorn.  When I go out sometimes I get it.  Our Walgreens doesn't usually have it after dinner when we go to get it.  So, one night Rachel and I went to our Walgreens and found only 1 bag, which I let her have.  It wouldn't have been pretty rolling in the aisle fighting over the popcorn bag.  Anyway, we went to another Walgreens a short distance away and found lots of those gold nuggets in bags on the shelf.  We bought 4 bags but could have had 10!  I told Rachel that I was going to look on line to see if I could buy the stuff by the case! LOL
   When we got home and my family found out what we did, Sarah said, "Seriously we need to have an intervention for Mom and her popcorn."  I told her I'm not eating sweets so I eat popcorn.

This morning I came to my craft room and saw 5 deer munching away on the grass.  I am in awe when I see them.  It's okay when they eat grass, I just don't like them eating my bushes and flowers.
We have two pumpkins outside, I'll have to ask Sarah if we can feed the deer with them. The deer saw pumpkins last year and helped themselves to them.  We didn't have a railing then.  They haven't come near the railing to check out the pumpkins.

I always love to see what's new with Minions.  That's me too, I'm not Fat, I'm Hot! LOL

 Here is the verse for today. It still amazes me that the God of Heaven, loves me and will do anything for me that is in his will. The lengths He goes to, is unbelievable.  These are things we've all felt and God has truly blessed us by giving us what we need, when we need it.  He instructs us, comforts us, leads us, satisfies us.  With all the things God does for me, I fail miserably giving back.  I know I can never out give God.  I don't feel worthy of what the blesses me with.
Like a parent though, He doesn't keep score, He gives, forgives us and moves on.  I am truly in awe of the God I serve.
In case you need this today this is a reaffirming song of God's love for you.  Even if you feel no one else loves you, God does.  Even if you feel alone and a failure, God loves you.  He loves you no matter what you've done.  He knows what you've done, you can't hide anything from Him.  Asking forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do with people.  It's hard, but asking God to forgive me is so freeing.  I feel relieved and loved.  Praise God for forgiving me over and over again. He will forgive us of ANYTHING.  Try it and see.
Blessing of the Day: I'm going to lunch with one of my dearest friends whom I haven't seen in almost a year.  Tim and I will have dinner with our Bible Study friends tonight.
Thanks for stopping in. I turly appreciate it.

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