Sunday, December 6, 2015

What's Going On In Our House

So, once in a while there is a loud BANG in the house.  We know that means Annabelle and Phoebe have been chasing each other.  This is what I found this morning. Hmmmmm I don't know what we'll do with those two cats! LOL
Here's the first time we used the fireplace since we've had Phoebe.  She was as mesmerized as we are. She just sat and stared at the fire.  It was so cute to watch.
 I helped Sarah with a huge paper and this is what I got.  I got this beautiful African Violet, the card and a BIG hug!
 On Splitcoast a woman wrote that there is a 12 year old girl who had surgery for a very rare brain cancer who woul loved to be showered with cards from all over.  So here are two cards for her.  I'm working on some more.

There is a little girl, age 12, who has a rare brain tumor. She had surgery yesterday (maybe day before) but is facing long weeks in the hospital. She could sure use an encouraging card shower!
Bailey Smith ---room 27
535 Alabama Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105

If anyone would like to help us shower Bailey with all sorts of cards, you have the address.  They don't have to be hand made.

This was the verse today.  It's so inspiring to me.  I'm not good at doing this always, but it's more than it has been. 
This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.  It is by Kutless who has soft songs and loud songs.  Listen to the words.  Think: What if Jesus had'nt come to earth?

Blessing of the Day:I got to lay low today.  I'm getting a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I also feel like I could sleep for 5 days straight.
I've also begun receiving cards from ladies on Splitcoast.  I am the recipient of cards to cheer me up with all the pain I've had since August.  God is good, all the time.
The family is watching Christmas vacation together.  I don't like that movie so I'm in my stamp room working.
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