Monday, December 14, 2015

Birthdays and sickness Bring Cards

Many wonderfully, caring ladies on SCS found out I was sick with hip and leg pain so they sent me prayers and cards to remind me God is in control.  These cards brightened my days.  I am so thankful that my 'computer friends' care enough to send the very best, THEIR HOMEMADE cards!
Teresa K. made this card.
Thank you Hope, for the birthday card.  Cute Amuse stamps were used on this card.
This darling card is from Claudia.
This card is from my dear friend, Emily.  Doesn't that sundae look yummy?

I had a wonderful birthday.  I always get a phone call from my twin, Annie,(Hi Annie) and we sing happy birthday to each other.  It's a tradition she started years ago.  So I got to talk to her first thing in the morning.  These days since I"m retired, she sends a text to see if I'm awake so she can call. LOL

It was 60 degrees outside yesterday so I sat outside on the screeened in porch to have my coffee.

I talked to my sister in Columbus. She and I share knitting and crocheting afghans.  It was nice to talk to her as well.
Tim brought me flowers first thing in the morning.  They are some of my favorites; carnations and mums.
We went to dinner at Carrie Cerinos, an old family Italian restaurant where they have the BEST lasagna in town.  It was such a fun time with Ben and Sarah and Tim.  Rachel was a her parent's house getting a tree and decorating it.  That's a family tradition she didn't want to miss.  I don't blame her. Family traditions are important.

Do you know what was very special to me?  It was a beautiful card from Sarah.  To think she took the time to pick out a card and write sweet things in it, really made my heart sing.  She often is silly and funny, so to get something serious is a true blessing.

This brought back memories for me when the kids were little.  They soon learned that no, meant no, and they'd stop asking. If parents would say no, and mean no, kids would be very different.
Saturday evening we went to Bedford Square.  It always reminds me of the movie, with Jimmy Stewart where he was in Bedford Falls.  I love all the lights and music.  This night it was so nice we didn't need coats.  The down side was that everyone else brought their kids who were running and screaming all over the place.  It was interesting that it didn't bother me, but it bothered some of the kids and Tim.  Sarah and Brianna got silly so this was our photo.  Love it!
This is one of the typical photos we do in the gazebo.  It's a little dark, but it's the memory that counts.

I loved this when I saw it.  I am thankful for the reminder to celebrate Jesus each and every day.
Image result for Proverbs 16:25

It's Christmas by Chris Tomlin is my song today.  See what you think. This song was new to me.  I haven't listened to many of his Christmas songs.  I'll have to check out more of them.

Health Update: I have nerve pain from my neck to my wrist.  In talking with my two nurse sisters, I decided to get a 'tens unit'.  It has electrical pulses that helps with pain.  I used it for the first time last night and felt a bit better this morning. I will continue to use this to see if I can feel relief without another dr. visit or medication.

Blessings of the Day: I celebrated my birthday with my family.  I sat outside for coffee in warm weather.  I am accepting that pain is in my life, and I'm researching ways to deal with it. 
Thank you for stopping by.  I'd love to hear from you too.  Comments make me smile.

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