Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pain, Pain, Go Away......

                    I still have pain from my neck to my wrist.  I have a moist heating pad which is helping. I have a ten's unit that I use on each side of my elbow.  The pain from this isn't affected at all by drugs I've taken.  May have to get some oxycodone again so I can do my regular routine until there is a plan again to manage it.  Please God help me to move forward in taking care of this.

This card and envy were part of the SCS sketch challenge today.  I love this new flower which will debut in the Spring catalog of 2016.  I think this will be my 'go-to' flower.  So far it looks great in any color I use.  The designer paper is gorgeous too.                  


 This scripture spoke to me tonight.  At dinner I heard the saddest story I've heard in a long, long, time. My friend's son has been living with a lady for a year.  She got pregnant and now they have a baby which neither really wanted.  She quit her job and is taking care of the baby full time.  However I was told she is a foster mom to kittens and she spends more time with the kittens than her baby.

My friend's son doesn't even want to be in this relationship but now with a child together, they have to find something that works for all of them.  I guess he's contemplated suicide.  This is so sad to me.  Neither of them want their relationship and now they have a baby.  What to do?  Her son doesn't believe in God anymore and will not allow anyone else tell him about God.

I pray that they realize how special their daughter is. I also hope they can see that Esther is here for a reason.  Lord, please help this little baby feel loved by her mother and father.  Please work in that situation God.  It's only through you that something will happen for Him.
 A drop of Hope.  I see the heart here but also see the ripple effect it makes.  Did you ever stop to think that your actions cause a ripple in other people's lives?  It's amazing how special we can be when we think of others, and help them out when they need it. A little kindness can make such a big difference.  Acts of kindness can cause amazing things to happen.  You probably won't even know the effects of your actions, but know for sure, you will be blessed for all you do.

Here's a new song to me by Dan Bremnes called Jingle All The Way.

Listen to the words.

Blessing of the Day: I had dinner with a friend I haven't seen in almost a year.  Praising God for the opportunity to serve Him.
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