Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Tradgedy That Is Unexplainable

Heavenly Father we are saddened as a nation at the senseless killing that happened today.  What a horrible event to live through.  This show us the power of Satan and his armies.  These individuals obviously didn't care about the lives of the individuals in the building or the authorities at the shoot out site.  We know this has gone through your hands for some reason that we don't understand.  Our nation needs to come back to you.  Please help us to do that Lord.  Our nation is so far gone it's scary.
Only through your help can we come through this and be closer to you. Amen

Enough said right?  How about every day without out Christ is a mess.

I think of my Grandmothers, Grandfather, and Dad and what I'd give to see them again.....sigh. I'd have loved to have had my Dad be a grandpa to my kids. He would have been GREAT at it!

What a pretty scene.
It's interesting when we read these things, do we focus on someone else doing great things? Or are we one who believes God will use us for amazing things?  We're here to be willing and able to do what God asks us to do.  We're here on earth for a reason.  I want my tombstone to read, She's all used up from serving God.

I needed the tempo and words of this song today.  I've been singing it off and on.  See what you think. I'' bet you'll be singing it too.

Praising God for your visit today.
Please pray for San Bernadino.
Hug your loved ones.

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