Thursday, December 3, 2015

God Works in the Most Wonderful Ways!

I went to check out the Tuesday Challenge to see who to make a card for.  To my wonderful surprise, I saw this!
 Welcome to Teapot Tuesday

the Sisterhood of the Traveling Teaparty
and Challenge #383

With a Joyful Heart

Sue has been dealing with chronic pain for some time and amazingly, she still finds time to write uplifting blog posts, make cards to cheer others and never complain. Being single, I really appreciate her making an effort to invite singles for fun after church, it is a lonely time for sure.
So a little cheer for the cheerleader herself is in order.  ~Ksnurse

I know there are many people out there hurting, who are alone in their pain.  Day in and day out the pain takes over every minute of every day.  The only escape is medicine and sleep, if you can sleep.

I've been fortunate to have relief from most of the pain due to pain blockers administered in my back.  I've seen how hard it is to keep positive and go on day by day with pain.

Heavenly Father you know who they are;those suffering with pain.  I ask you since you can do anything, to help others with the pain they endure.  You know exactly what each needs.  You know the reason for all of this pain, I don't.  Of course no on would choose a life like this. They endure what you've allowed in their life.  Father help us all to lean on you and keep our eyes on you for direction in our life.  Amen

Take a listen to this song.  When I feel down, I like to listen to songs that affirm I'm loved and I need to continue to live each day the best I can.  Knowing People care, and that God is with me always really does help. 
This might help all who are still in shock after yesterday's event in San Bernadino.  Continue to pray for them.

Blessing of the Day: I got through today in minimal pain using Ibuprofene and ice for my back.
Thanks for stopping by.

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