Tuesday, December 22, 2015

UPS, Matthew West, and UH

Sometimes silliness abounds!  I found this UPS driver singing, while on an official break.  I thought it was kind of cute.  I look forward to almost every UPS delivery we have.  The ones I don't look forward to are the ones with Tim's name on it! LOL

Matthew West is a well known Christian Singer.  He writes songs from stories people send in to him.
He was recently interviewed and asked about his songs on his CD and this is what transpired:
 Matthew West's words:
When I was asked to write a song based on this broader theme of "believe," the first title idea that popped into my head for some reason was, "A Christmas To Believe In."  Something just felt classic and special about that.  Then, I began to unpack all of things that title could mean.  One of the things I wrote down on my lyrics sheet one day was a list of titles that substituted other words where the word "believe" would be.  I began to think of what, sadly, Christmas might actually feel like for so many hurting people.  For the person battling depression around the holidays, they might say it's  "A Christmas to SURVIVE."  For the unemployed father who's worried about providing for his family, he might be feeling like it's "A Christmas to try to AFFORD." For the family that's been torn apart and is dreading the one time of year that they all have to be under one roof it could be looked at as "A Christmas to ENDURE." And the list went on and on.  I guess this song is my wish for people, that they will be reminded this December how the word "believe" is powerful enough to erase all of those other words we might be using to describe this Christmas; that the One we believe in is strong enough to flood our hearts with hope this year and show us what a Christmas to Believe In is really like.

One of my dearest friends just lost her Father-in-law last week.  It's going to be a tough Christmas for her and her whole family.  This is a song that brings a little bit of healing I think.  A childhood friend just lost her Dad 2 weeks ago.

Here is a video of one of the best hospitals we have here in Cleveland called, University Hospital.  Give a listen and see how quickly they attend to this heart attack victim.

I finally finished putting letters into my Christmas cards and got them mailed today.  I had a line of people behind me waiting to mail their cards.  It took 4 or 5 handfuls to get all the cards into the mailbox.  Usually they have wide open chutes to put your cards and letters into.  Not this mailbox, it felt like they made it smaller on purpose! LOL

I finished making a dozen more cards for Emily's mother-in-law, in case she needs them.  The viewing for Emily's father-in-law is Monday the 28th, the funeral is Tuesday, and a private internment is Wednesday.  It's going to be a sad few days for sure next week.

Here is a cute, little snowman for Monday's clean and simple challenge on SCS.  This is one of my favorite snowmen.  I love the snowball where I stamped the sentiment.  I should have added my fake snow.  Oh well...this is what makes stamping fun for me.  I love cute stamps!  This is not from Stampin' Up.

I have an appt. Wednesday with a dr. from the ortho practice that I go to, for my nerve pain starting with my neck and going to my wrist.  I hope she has something that will relieve this pain.  Christmas won't be fun if I can't get rid of this pain.

Blessing of the Day: I didn't need the third pain blocker for my back, hip and leg!  With 2 blocks they got that pain handled.  I am wondering if this new pain is related.  Could this be a side affect or a result of blocking the leg pain?  We'll see tomorrow.

Tim is pretty sick with a cold.  You know the kind where you cough so much your back and ribs hurt?  Well I got him some meds to try.  It seems the coughing is a bit better.  He stayed home from work today.  If he does that, you know he's sick.

Only a few days left until our Savior's birth.

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