Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Picked The Winner!

I picked Villanova to win last night and they did!  It was one of the best games I've ever seen.  Ben and I watched the game together.  Slide the red dot to 2:30 and you'll see the game-ending shot.  Truly amazing!

I get daily memories from FB and look what I found.  That's my twin and I when she visited a couple of years ago.  Hi Annie, I miss you!
I have to tell you that tonight we had a sibling fun time via text.  My brother from Florida got a new cell number.  So he put out a group text.  Well, I couldn't see the number, another sister was confused as well, my brother-in-law had my brother's number listed under my mom's name. I said that's because we'd gotten mom a cell phone, and all kinds of craziness ensued from that.  Next time we're going to have to Skype with all the kids in Ohio to my brother in Florida.  Good times by text!  Silliness is great for adults also.
 This is so hard for me to do.  Like many I give something to God, then take it back, then fail miserably and give it back to Him again.  Thank goodness He loves us so much ya know?
 This are the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.  I loved seeing and smelling the flowers one year when I was there.  It's just amazing!
 Here is a card and envelope I finished tonight.  I made a set of 8.  Some of them will be donated and some will go to the Berea Book Shop to be sold.  I stamped the envelope on the front and back, and added a group of flowers inside the card.  I hope they sell.
 This was the card I made today for the color challenge.  The colors were pool party, pink pirouette and mossy meadow.  These elephants are so darn cute. The balloon was from glitter paper which I sponged with pool party.  It's hard to see the shimmer. I really enjoy sponging and making backgrounds for cards.
Today was the Home Opener since it was too cold yesterday.  It seems snow storms were to come through, the wind chill was too cold and the ground was frozen and they didn't want players being injured when they slid into bases.  So, today was Opening Day against Boston.  Cleveland however, lost 7-2. Ouch, I hope this isn't how the whole season will be.  Ben, Tim and I watched the game together.  Good Times.

When kids were younger, I'd make hot dogs, chips, potato salad, and pop for dinner in front of the TV for all of us to watch the games and pretend we were there.  It was so much fun.  I don't usually eat hot dogs, but right now I'm craving one! LOL
We were talking about this tonight in Bible Study. We talked about our free will.  God has chosen to have all enter Heaven.  However we all have free will to accept his gift or not.  God doesn't choose, WE do.  
I recently spoke to someone who believed because God's time isn't our time, that when people die, God gives them one more chance to accept Him.  I'm not sure I believe that but it was interesting to wrestle with it for a while.  

Blessing of the Day: Fun watching the Indian's Home Opener with Tim and Ben.
Fun with siblings texting.

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