Saturday, April 9, 2016

One More Sleep...She's Gone

Sarah said something to me Friday that hit me hard.  I know this is coming but hearing it out loud was sad.  Tomorrow Sarah is moving to Brianna's house.  I've known this  but when it finally comes it brings all sorts of 'mom emotions'.  I've felt God showing us that it's time for Sarah to spread her wings and live out of the family home.  There have been days this makes me happy and days that it doesn't.

I know it's very exciting for Sarah and Brianna.  It will take some time for me to adjust to it.  Sarah and I have had conversations as she comes and goes to school or work.  It's been fun as she's become an official adult.  There's a change in relationships when the child is an adult.  They are making decisions for things and they are responsible for those decisions.  The relationship shifts from parent to friend. So much stress is relieved with this transition.

I woke this morning and all of her stuff was gone.  Tim, Ben and Sarah moved her stuff beginning at 8 a.m.  Tim rented a u-haul van and they started putting her things into it.  They took it to Brianna's house where it will remain downstairs until the furniture company brings her new bed, chest of drawers and night stand.  They have to put it all together and set it where she wants it, then she can move the other furniture in and begin to unpack.
God's given me a peace about this.  I am happy for her. I will miss her and I hope she will miss me.
My baby Sarah Annie 1996.
My grown-up Sarah Annie.
Sarah's great adventure begins.
That reminded of an old Steven Curtis Chapman Song, so here it is.
This is my sweet great-nephew, Adam in his camouflage outfit.  Isn't he cute!
 I'm holding to this that God will keep Sarah focused and on the path He's created for her.  We also long ago dedicated her to God.  Way back then we put her in God's hands.  Nothing's changed except I won't see her every day, but God will!

Blessing of the Day:Sarah was moved to Brianna's in spite of the snowy weather.
Prayers needed as we continue on our path without Sarah here.

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