Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quite a Variety Today

I found another gorgeous picture of downtown Cleveland. Not sure if it is sunrise or sunset.  I just know that it was created by God and I stand in awe.

I saw Hannah's aunt and she said Hannah had fluid removed from her spine and it shows there is NO cancer there nor in her brain.  Hannah was feeling much better today.  Thank you for prayers for her and her family.  She's not out of the woods yet, but they are talking long-term with her.  They are talking about harvesting eggs so when she wants kids she'll have eggs.  Seems the chemo can kill her eggs.
 Look at this sweet little box! Angie Juda made a video on how to make it.  I added my own touches to it.  Here's a link to her video.
 This is the card I did today for the color challenge.  I told myself not to color a flower with these colors because that would be easy.  So I sponged olive, bermuda bay and elegant eggplant on the background then stamped silhouettes on top.
Well our Cavs have the No. 1 place in the Eastern Conference.  I don't like the fact though that LaBron is the only one pictured here.  It's a team effort but he's the leader.
When I saw this I laughed out loud!  What a funny picture I got of me on the floor as the paramedics arrive and I'm happily eating my chocolate candy on the floor!

The verse at the top is my life verse. Today's verse is the bottom words.  Don't be wise in your own eyes.....I'm turning that around in my mind here.
I heard this new song by Phil Wickham tonight and had to share it here.  Really listen to these words.

Blessing of the Day: A great Bible Study with Chuck and Maryanne.  Lots of talking, questions and answers.  Thank you God for helping us learn about You from your word, the Bible.


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