Monday, April 11, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook April 11, 2016

For Today...I went to school to help with testing. I will be there from 8-12p.m.  I am happy to help.  It's going to be a different kind of week.

Outside my is dark and cold.  Snow is once again on the ground. However, by the weekend we'll be in the 60's!

I am thinking...I am so happy that I finished my scrapbook of our 2014 vacation in Arizona.  Now I have to find the pictures for our 2015 vacation!

I am thankful...that I am healthy again.

I am wearing...a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.

I am from samples I've seen online for the different places that I send cards to.

I am clean a little before I go to bed.

I am tomorrow's testing will go.

I am reading...several different books on my Kindle.

I am hoping...that Tim finds some answers this week.

I am things every day.  Today I practiced my watercoloring with pencils. I haven't used watercolor pencils in years.

In my garden...there are beautiful hyacinths covered with snow.

In my kitchen...all is quiet.

One of my favorite to snuggle back into a warm bed because it's too early to get up.

Pictures to share...

This picture from FB made me giggle so I thought I'd share it here.
 This is one of the prettiest sunrise photos I've seen.  The flowers are just gorgeous!  Hopefully in Ohio we'll see Spring soon.
 I heard somewhere that some people need someone to listen to them, so they go to a therapist who HAS to listen to them.  The way you listen to people tells them what kind of person you are.
 Please pray for a good friend's niece Hannah.  She has a rare and aggressive cancer.  She is only 17.

Verse of the Day...

Blessing of the Day:I got testing done in the morning and several card samples done in the afternoon.  I met a dear friend for dinner tonight.  It had been too long between chats.

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