Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Cornicopia of Things

This is one of my favorite songs for honoring Veterans.  My kids sang this years ago at a program they did in their Christian school and I've loved it ever since.  They did sign language to this as well.
As bad as we think things are here, it's the best place to be.

This is a beautiful shot of the Cleveland coast line.  I found out some new things for 2016 in the Flats. There will be a water taxi that you can take all day for just $2.00. There will be a pontoon boat that is pedal powered by the people on board.  You bring your own beverages and spend 2 hours pedaling and having fun with friends.

This is sweet Phoebe sitting on my baby blanket.  Tim caught this cute picture of her.
This is food for thought isn't it?

Who doesn't like a wrap around porch?  We used to sit on our front porch and friends from the street would come and visit.  It was a wonderful time to pass the evening.

Some days we just have to get honest and laugh at ourself!  We try to be so perfect in the work place or in front of friends.  Let your hair down and laugh at your mistakes.  It will make you happier and your friends more willing to do the same.

Check out the newest Cavs fan just 6 days old.  So precious.

Last night the Cavs became the Eastern Conference Champions!  Now we wait to see who we will play Tuesday.

I now live in Believeland, Ohio.

The Cavs are a closely knit team of guys who work hard and play hard. God's blessings to you all.

I know I usually post Christian music, but I heard this song from Justin Timberlake and really liked it.
Take a listen. See if you can listen and NOT dance! LOL

Blessing of the Day: Tim's had a good day.  He talked us through getting the cover off the pool and getting it ready to swim in Monday.
Thanks for stopping by.

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