Saturday, May 21, 2016

Daniel, Dad, Adam

This is Daniel, the three year old son of my dear friend, Kristina who passed away in her sleep.  They said she died of natural causes.  Whatever that means........we knew that, but no specifics so we'll never know I guess.
  Anyway, there was a 5K race at CCC West and Parma Park Staff, and lots of Kristina's friends were there with their shirts on that say, "Team Kristina."  "Forever in our hearts.,"
Not a good night for the Cavs in Canada.  I guess we'll be playing at least 5 games this round.
I don't know what happened tonight but I just got sad missing my Dad.  It came out of nowhere.  So much we've missed with him gone. God knows best and has a plan.  I have to trust in that.
I used to ask questions when I was a teen.  If my parents would have stayed on the East side of Cleveland how would my life have been different? I wouldn't have had the same childhood friends and memories, I would have different friends now, and possibly a different husband.  It's interesting that when my parents first met, they were on a double date with someone else.  My mom said of my dad that he was loud. I wish I could see a movie of my parents in the past before being married.  What kind of people were they?  What kinds of things did they do on dates?  Then I'd love to see their wedding and first apartment days.  Maybe I can make that request in heaven huh?
This was a pretty picture on FB today. I had to include it.
 This cutie pie is 6 months old! Where did that time go?  This is Adam, my great-nephew.  I'm hoping that he's there when I visit in June.  I'd love to meet him and cuddle with him.
 I totally agree with this. I earned everything I have from going to college, to working 35 years and into retirement. The work ethic I was raised with doesn't seem to be alive and well these days.
This writer hit the nail on the head with this letter.

This is the plant Sarah game me with the tiny welcome flag.  This plant is blooming for the second time in two months!  It's called a lantana. The greenhouse put several plants together so it looks like a mini tree.  

This is the verse of the day.  I long for more unity in our world.  I feel that from the time Obama entered the White House, there's been an agenda to divide America by race.  It's so sad.  We should look at each other as Americans because we live in America, not black and white.

I came across this song again today and wanted to share it.

Blessing of the Day: I got a well-needed nap and Ben made dinner tonight.
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