Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Phoebe, Flowers, Cavs, Got

Phoebe was so happy when we returned.  She loved sitting out in the sunshine watching all that goes on in the backyard.  It's like TV for her. She gets a different channel each time she turns around.  I feel badly for her.  Nancy came to check on her and water plants and said she never saw Phoebe even though she shook the treats bag.  So Phoebe didn't have any attention or touch for 6 days.  When we got home she went crazy with meowing.  It's lessened as the days have gone by. I think next time we'll have to do something different.  That was too hard on poor, sweet Phoebe.

I loved this picture from FB.  I look at this sweet woman and would love to talk to her.  The longer you live, the more you understand about this world.  In our culture many don't value the elderly.  They have so much to teach us and tell us.

I saw this on FB also and had to have it here.  This is one of my absolute favorite flowers. This flower was in my mom's garden for years and years.  They are called bleeding hearts.  I tried having them in my garden but the deer loved them.

 This is also a nice memory of a neighbor's yard.  She was a german woman who grew lots of flowers.  Her name was Aunt Marie.(to us) Her name was Marie Salman.  She was married to Uncle Mike.(Mike)  They would sit in the shade of their apple tree every day and talk about things.  They would talk to us if we happened to be out.

They were the wonderful neighbors we had on one side of our fence.  They would peel apples and feed "the babies" on the other side of the fence.  They would also let us pick up plums from the ground and eat them.  They had an apple tree and a beautiful garden.

  One of my sisters and I picked flowers and proudly brought them to our mom.  She was horrified.  We couldn't figure out why she wasn't thrilled with the beautiful flowers.  She took us over to Aunt Marie's to apologize for picking her flowers.  Aunt Marie said it was okay, there were plenty of flowers in the garden. She was like a next door grandma.  We loved her like a grandma.

Uncle Mike would go fishing in Lake Erie and bring home fish for dinner.  He LET us kids watch how he gutted them and got them ready to cook. We'd stand around a window in the garage and take turns looking in to see him work.
 I remember the bucket he threw the unwanted parts in.  I don't know what he did what all that stuff,  but was so amazed at how he easily cut the fish and told us step by step what he was doing.  It was the perfect stuff to tell friends the next day at school.

Cleveland Cavs worked it last night to win against the Raptors by 31 points! It's a record for the team to win by that many points.  Check it out.

Richard Branson is an English billionaire who owns more than 400 companies.  He invests in his employees and knows that it pays off.  I wish more employers did the same.

Belief vs. Unbelief: which sounds more believable?

I can relate to this as I've had some stress headaces lately. It's so calming to read God's word and concentrate only on that.  Of course I try to do this on the screened porch with the birds singing to me as well.

Oh what a day it will be when we get to Heaven.  I can't image what it is like but know it's better than anything I could ever imagine.

Chris Tomlin is an amazing Christian musician.  He has created so many worship songs to God that people sing all over the world. This is one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy it.

Blessing of the Day: Watched the Cavs beat the Raptors by 31 points with Ben and Tim.
Had Bible study with Chuck and Maryanne at their house. Such a sweet time of study with them.

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