Friday, June 3, 2016

Beaten, Baby, Bugs

Well the first game is in the books, and I must say there was a lot of yelling at the TV last night!  We wanted to know what Lou's plan was. It sure didn't look like there was one.  Tim and Ben went to bed before it was over, it was so bad.  We weren't sure what team showed up, but not the Cleveland Cavs who broke the record for number of "3's" made in a game.  I wanted a hotline to Lou installed so we could give him advice.  Oh well, hopefully the Cavs will bring their game Sunday for Game 2.

Look at the excitement on Adam's face as he eats baby food.  This is pretty new for him.  This brings back wonderful memories for me.  I remember Sarah began eating cereal at my mom's house.  My sister video taped it with my camera while I fed Sarah.
Adorable Adam wants to help get that good stuff in his mouth!  You can tell he likes it.
Today was my last day of school for the year.  We had a luncheon at Stancatos Restaurant for the staff.  It's an amazing Italian Restaurant which has a lunch buffet. This works so well when you bring a large group to eat.  You don't have to wait you just go through the line and eat.  We were back at school to finish up Emily's classroom after an hour at lunch.

Two ladies were retiring so hugs all around for them.  Then hugs for those who you won't see for a few month.  One gal is getting married the end of July. She just finished up her first year of teaching. It's so nice to work in a Christian school. It's small and there aren't the personality issues I dealt with in public school.  

I recieved my new Stampin' Up goodies today.  I have it unpacked and put where it belongs. Here is my card for today where the challenge was to watercolor. The color of the flower, the sentiment and the leaves are new. The pink color is Flamingo, and the green color is Emerald.  The designer paper is new and so are the cute shapes I added to the flower and under the greeting.

Tim's done well recovering from his surgery.  He went to work today!  Thanks for your prayers.
Prayers for me, I've not been doing my quiet time this week.  I know I need to get back to it.
Also some of my nerve pain is coming back from my neck down my arm.  It's hard to turn my neck without pain.  

Blessing of the Day: We had a  beautiful day. We ate outside on the porch. It's fun to think about some of the conversations we have.  Tonight it was about the 17 year cicadas we have. (or don't have) 
On the east side of Cleveland at my father-in-law's house there are lots of these buggers.  We don't have one.  That makes me happy.  These things are big and ugly. I think they'd be great for a horror movie. They shed their 'skin' and it stays wherever they are.  
Photo credit: Flickr 

Verse of the Day:This is me right now.  I pray to God and thirst for Him because I haven't spent time in His word.  This is a start.
This isn't my typical music, but says what I need it to say. We all need to thirst for God.
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