Saturday, June 4, 2016

Radar, Old Days, Cool God Story

I cracked up when I saw this sign.  I used to watch MASH when it was on and Radar was my favorite character. I hope it tickled your funny bone.

I saw this and reallly identified with it.  We did have school clothes, play clothes and church clothes!
Yup, I remember if my dad or mom asked us to do something, you did if RIGHT then, not when you felt like it.
We truly respected our elders, including our parents.

This is so sad but true.  Animal activists and others care more for animal rights than human rights.

I have to say that this morning I started the day with coffee and my quiet time.  Praise you Lord for that time.  God is my strength in all I do.  I praise your name Lord, without you I am nothing.

I have to tell you what I call a, "Cool, God Story".  Today on a friend's blog she posted the need for cards for a gentleman with brain cancer. I quickly emailed the man's wife and got the address.
Then I remembered that SCS has Teapot Tuesday where a card need is brought up and woman make cards to send to that person.

Well I sent a private message to the gal in charge of Teapot Tuesday.  Guess what her response was? (This is the COOL GOD part), She said it was good timing, she didn't have anyone for THIS Tuesday. The person chosen didn't want cards sent.  God you are amazing in your timing.  You continue to answer prayers here and I'm seeing it!  I praise you Lord for doing this.  It's all you Lord!

Check out this amazing story about a young girl who helps homeless women.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and I went to Brianna and Sarah's for pizza.  Tim needed to bring a new hose to them, and Sarah wanted me to see their garden, the yard and her room.  I hadn't been there to see what she did with her room when she moved in.  It was great to see Sarah do what she's seen done with serving guests. (proud mom moment)

I also saw several cards that I sent to Sarah put up on the wall.  She said she had ribbon to hang that she could attach the cards to like I do here at home. (another proud mom moment)  She's taken some things from her mama and is using them herself!  Made me tear up a little bit. I say, "We did good, Tim."
Both Sarah and Brianna are getting along well together.  They compliment each other well.

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