Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thy Will Be Done

This is what was posted for the Cavs fans after the heartbreaking loss to The Golden State Warriors.  I'm hoping the Cavs have a better game plan tonight than Friday night.  Watching the Cavs and Indians are just some of the sports we watch together as a family.  Usually it's Tim, Ben and I who watch.  Sometimes Rachel joins us too.
We'll see what they do starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight....that's right now!
Here's a video I made from our back porch.  You can hear the cicadas but they are not in our woods yet.
Fix your eyes on the Lord not on what is seen.  It's an amazing thing to do.  It's so hard but worth it when you can do this.
The rose picture is from a year ago.  It still means the same thing to me a year later.
Having a purpose in your life is the best thing there is. I pray God continues to give me what I need to do with the gifts He's given me.  Do you have a purpose that you're doing  for God?

Thy Will Be Done are the four hardest words to say to God.  We don't know what will come of the situations we are facing. We have to give up control and leave it to God. We may have to go through horrible situations knowing God goes before us and is with us all of the time.  He will bring good from the chaos we're going through.  I love the line where she says, "You are God, and I am NOT."

God is sending so many songs to listen to.  I've never heard of this singer but heard her on the radio.  I hope you enjoy it.
Blessing of the Day: We visited a new church today and liked it.  It's a smaller church which is nice.
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Connie Walsh said...

Silly question. What is the font you used on the rose picture?? It is a lot of fun and would love to use it in my crafts. Don't go to any trouble but if you know I would love to get that font.

bensarmom said...

This is an image I copy/pasted into my blog. I didn't add the font, sorry.~Sue