Tuesday, June 7, 2016

CLE, Croc, Crazy

So this is what people are posting in the hopes that playing at home with give us two wins.  I hope so.

Check this out.
Eight Rainbows! WOW Lehigh Valley, PA
Oh I know this has been around but it still is cute and made me laugh again.

I really liked this and wanted to post here in honor of my kids.  There's no better job than to be a mama.  It's the hardest job in the world, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I was so blessed to be called by God to be Ben and Sarah's mom.  Praising you God for the chance to be their mom.

I know this feeling for sure.  Thankfully that part of life is over.

Here is the card I made for today's color challenge using, Garden Green, Marina Mist and Pool Party.
Here's a new song from Newsboys called Crazy.  Watch and listen to the words.  I want to be called crazy too.  How about you?

I have a fun story for you. A 5 year old that I worked with this year at school had the cutest response to her mom today.  Let me set this up. I typed up and printed out reading information from a test this girl took. I gave the mom a typed few pages of what her daughter needed to practice and activities and games to do that.  The mom played a game last night with her daughter. It was a game we'd played in school.  The little girl asked her mom why she had this game?  Her mom said, she, grandma and Mary were going to help her reading get better.  The little girl said, 
"No mommy if my reading gets better I won't be able to play fun games with Ms. Sue at school!"

I told her mom her daughter would see me two whole days at school, not just 30 minutes to play games at school.  This little story made my day.

Blessing of the Day: The cashier at the grocery store was telling the customer ahead of me about her awful start to the day.  This cashier even looked like it had been that kind of morning. Her hair wasn't really together like it always is and she was looking a bit distraught.  While I was listening to the cashier I prayed for her.  As she handed me my receipt I held her hand and told her I'd been praying for her.  Praying that God would give her a peace to her day.  She thanked me several times and said that's just what she needed.  I pray that her day went better after that.

Thank you for stopping by.

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