Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Milwaukee is Home For A Week

Tonight as I sit upstairs in the gorgeous room Annie and Stas' worked tirelessly on as a surprise for me, I have a buddy.  Chili girl is in the chair by the window.  She's sleeping and so comfy cozy.  She lifted her head when she saw me, then put it back down to sleep.  She looks so peaceful.  I thought cats slept a lot, I guess dogs do too.  She's been active outside all day so it's time to sleep.
This is a picture of Bubba from this morning.  He loves being outside. I thought he looked  so handsome sitting in the chair.  I just had to share this.

Chili girl loves the sun and outdoors.  Nothing like a 70 degree day and some sunshine, eh?

This is one of the 4 baby robins who is exploring the area.  They were born in a nest in the arbor in Anne's yard. Look at the spots he still has on his chest.  I don't think I've ever seen a baby robin up close like this.  He was very calm and allowed us to photograph him from a foot away.  Unbelieveable.  Feeling like the National Geographic Photographer today! LOL

Today I enjoyed a foot-long hot dog at Costcos with pop. I know up here they call is soda, but I'm an Ohio lady and we call that fizzy stuff, POP.

It's been an amazing day filled with God's creatures.  How can people explain how these wonderful animals all came to be if not by God.  Maybe they all evolved and stopped at just the right time huh?  It's interesting what people believe. Some people say it's impossible that a higher being made the world and all that is in it?  I think it's more impossible to think that the world and everything on it came from a big bang or evolution.

Last night before I went to sleep I opened the Bible and found this staring at me.  What was interesting was I was so full of thanks with all Anne and Stas' did to fix up the room upstairs for me.  It was truly and act of love from them to me.  I get teary-eyed just thinking of all they did for me.  Thank you Annie and Stas for all you did to fix up this beautiful room I'm in.  I love you both.

Blessing of the Day: Spending time with Annie and Stas' and their animals.
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marymaci said...

Down south, they call it all 'coke'.
I'd like a coke, pepsi.

I believe things evolve, adapt to their environment.
But no God?!
I don't understand that.
Even if they think it was the Big Bang, something was there to bang, and something caused the bang. Where did that come from?
People are amazing!
Good thing He created us all differently.
What a boring world we would have...everyone calls it pop and everyone thinks alike...no creativity!

May God bless you and your lovely family.