Sunday, June 12, 2016

One More Sleep...

I've been working on cards today. I especially love the first two. Why you ask?  Well, the designer paper is metalic copper.  It looks fabulous with the navy and peach colors.  It's hard to see in the photo but so pretty in real life.  Too bad there isn't more than one sheet of this in the designer paper pack.
This was the second card I did for today's challenge.  
This was my inspiration. Again I changed things to make it mine.
This card was for today's challenge
 This is the inspiration for my card.  You can see I changed the orientation to horizontal. I added an embossed strip across the front with the sentiment. I also made the flowers two colors.  When doing this challenge, you have to change several things from the original to make it your own.
 This is an older Stampin' Up stamp set. I was stamping with new colors for the flowers.
 I like how this one turned out. The blessings stamp is pretty old but I just can't seem to get rid of it.
 I tried something different with the silver washi tape and the centered sentiment.
One more sleep until I go to Milwaukee to visit my twin sister!  I will be there for a week.  I can't wait to visit and talk and talk and talk! LOL

Verse of the Day:
This song is encouraging. We get to see our life unfold with God in control. It says you'll be amazed as you watch the unfolding of your life day by day.

This is a beautiful song with such sweet images!

Blessing of the Day: I got lots of cards done; inside and out. I have things organized and will get packed soon for my trip.  I'm so thankful for Ben's help to Sarah last night.  He is an amazing man with a special bond with Sarah.  Thank You God for your work last night as well.

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Hope Angotti said...

Enjoy your sister week!!! Our is next week. So looking forward to it! Have a safe journey.