Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Sad, Sad Week In America

This has been a sad, sad, week here in America.  I've been affected by the events more than I thought I would.  It's shut me down for posting here. I am in disbelief, yet I shouldn't be.  With all that's gone on to fuel this racist attitude in America, we are now at the boiling point where people are attacked by hatred of people they don't even know!

These 5 men were husbands, fathers, brothers, sons. In a second someone shot them dead.  They went to work that day like any other day but this time didn't come home.  It is so sad that this is how far we've been pulled apart as a nation.

I can't wait for Obama to get out of the White House! All he and his wife have done is fuel the race fire in America.  See where we were 8 years ago and look at where we are now.  The evil that's come out of the White House for 8 years has really done a number on the people of the United States.  Truly Satan has a hold here in America.  God we need you here!  I'm so sad.
This is another item that was posted that I had to share.  We used to be able to disagree with others, but now that translates into, hate?  Where did that come from?  We're never going to agree with everyone.  We are children of God and we live in the 'world'.  Of course we're not going to agree with things.  That doesn't mean I hate people I disagree with .  That's absurd!
Finally something that made me smile and rejoice!  This is chunky monkey, Adam.  His sweet, and happy baby! Your picture brought sunlight into my week.  Thank you God for such sweetness.
This is definitely me!  I loved the look on the cat's face!
I was looking through digital photos and found these two pictures of my mom and uncle in 1949.
The first picture is my mom and her brother, my uncle Dave.
This is a picture of my mom when she graduated from Nursing School in Pennsylvania.
Thankfully God loves us no matter what.  How sad He must be with all that's going on here in America.  We're Israel all over again.  We have turned away from God as a nation and it's brought such pain. I continue to pray that America can get out of this desert we've been in, then be able to go to the Promised Land, like Israel in the Bible.

This seems to be a song that is perfect for what we've been going through.  Sit back and listen, sing along, let it touch your heart.

Blessing of the Day: Time to make cards, started a new afghan, and time with God crying for the world.
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