Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dallas, Bella and Mom

Terminal Tower is lit in blue for the fallen officers in Dallas.
This man knelt down and cried out to God at the site of the shootings in Dallas.  What an amazing testimony of faith.
I needed something fun to make today.  This stamp came in the mail and I had to make a card with it. Isn't Bella so stinkin' cute?  I made her for today's challenge where we honor one stamper by making a card that is similar to on in their gallery.
This is the card that was my inspiration. You can see how I changed it to make it mine.
I went to see mom tonight and had a wonderful time.  I took her some cheesecake.  She was too full from dinner and reassured me that the cheesecake won't see the light of day! LOL  
We sit and do our hand work together.  Mom knits and I crochet.  I'm currently working on a brightly colored ripple afghan.  Mom is continuing to knit squares that will be made into blankets for homeless, elderly and veterans.  She loves having a purpose and filling a need.  Everyone needs to be needed.

We talked about so many things that the time passed so quickly.  Before I knew it, it was 11:40 p.m.!  I had arrived at 8.  Mom's always so appreciative of visits.  She hugs and says she loves me and thanks me for coming to visit.  I need to get back to a regular day that I visit.  I feel so great when I leave.

This is a link to my son, Ben and his wife, Rachel's blog.  Take a look at the missionary work they are doing in the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.  It is amazing what they are doing.

We were just informed that the water damage was too great so they will have to find a new place to rent for church.  Please pray that they will find one nearby so that the relationships they've made with the people in the area can remain the same.

I've seen the results of marriages that are unequally yolked.  The Bible is full of so much wisdom.  If only we'd listen.

This is a new song for Crowder called, My Victory.  It sure lifted my spirits at a time that is so sad.

Blessing of the Day: Dinner date with Tim and visiting with mom.  Thank you Lord.

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