Monday, July 11, 2016

Phoebe, Toddler, Live Well

A Phoebe Story
Late last night I was pulling out all of the yarn I have in my cabinet.  It all fits on one shelf.  I store my yarn in a computer cabinet that my sister gave me.  The shelf I was using was the one with a hole at the back where you ran the computer and power cables.  Well little miss Phoebe was batting a small ball of yarn around and of course it fell into the hole.  Phoebe had to investigate, so she put her paw down there all the way. Next thing I know this cat put her head through the hole and seemed to be stuck.  I helped her get her head out and she sprang away so quickly from that cabinet! LOL  I didn't need to worry about her playing with the yarn while I finished the job of sorting through them. Sweet, sweet, Phoebe.

I have to tell you that I went to the ladies room of a family restaurant and what do my wondering eyes should appear but a urinal in the stall next to mine!  I was flabbergasted!  This is a mom and pop place, the last place you'd think they'd do this.

There wasn't a sign on the door that it was for everyone so I never thought about it as I entered.  Now I did notice that this bathroom had a door to the kitchen as well. So many the chef needed a closer place to do his business.....a mystery in my life.  hahaha

Click on this link to see Clinton as she really is.

Anyone with a cat can attest to this behavior when they are hunched like this. LOL

This was part of my Bible study today.  It was refreshing to read this with all of the bad news going on in our  world.  I also saw something on FB that said, Don't watch the news, hug your neighbor.
I stayed away from the news today and I was much more calm.

This song is called, Live it Well by Switchfoot.  Take a listen.

I got card parts put onto card backgrounds today.  I had so many images colored that they needed to be used.  Once in a while I take that box out and start to put cards together.  It's a very long process, but right now I have about 40 to work on.  It goes slowly but I feel so accomplished when I finish.

Ben told me that this morning they held their church service in the backyard of someone in the church.  They are looking to find another store front to rent to hold their services.  Where they were, the landlord was dragging his feet getting the area they used cleaned up and mold started to grow.  Mold is never a good thing so they have until the end of the month to get their things out.

Ben was very upset last night. This morning was better. God has something better for them, they just have to be faithful and patient.

Blessing of the Day:Tim made dinner for the two of us and it was one of my favorite pastas.

Thank you for checking things out today.

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