Sunday, August 7, 2016

23 Years and Still Going Strong!

Today Tim and I celebrated 23 years of marriage.  When we were first married, I'm sure people thought we married because we 'had' to.  We were engaged July 1st and were married Aug. 7th.
I'm sure out families though we were crazy and that it wouldn't last long.  Well, I guess God had other plans.  Ben was born a year and a half after we were married. (Proving we didn't 'need' to get married.

We've lasted the test of time almost to 25 years. God's worked so hard with us to get us this far.
My only problem is, What happened to those two people in the picture? There's a scary, old lady who shows up in my mirror daily!

Thank you God, for bringing Tim into my life.  You truly gave me far more then I could ever wish for.

Check out this  three year old cutie pie as she and her dad make their own video based on the movie, Frozen.

More card making for the challenges on Splitcoast.  This little sweet girl is going to South Caroling Juvenile Justice Center.  The background behind her was sponged with inks.
This is the card I made for Tim and gave it to him today.  Happy Anniversary to you my dear, sweet, man.
This card you needed to make a background using a stencil and salt.
This was for today's challenge. A gal named Mandi was chosen so you had to look through her gallery and find something that you change to make it your own.  Mandi's is the trees and moose.  Mine is the birch trees with the eagle flying by.
Saw this on FB and liked it a lot.  Just think after working 35 years how many students are out there working on a job that I helped them get!

Verse of the Day: This is one of my favorite verses.  It's easier to see what God wants you to do the closer you are to Him.  When I read my Bible, it helps me get through struggles and difficulties.  Tim and I are continuing to trust and step out in faith.

Check out this song from Switchfoot called, Live it Well. It follows along with the verse above.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and I celebrated with an Anniversary dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Then we came home and had a cup of coffee on the back porch just enjoying the quiet, the bug noises, and talking to each other.  God, you made a perfect day for us!  Thank you.

Thank you for stopping in today.

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