Saturday, August 27, 2016

Empty Nesters!!!!!!

At exactly 10:53 a.m. the moving van pulled out of the driveway and Tim and I officially became empty-nesters!!!!!!  WoooooHoooooo was heard from me as I closed the front door. LOL
I did the happy dance and praised God for providing for them.
Tim and I are so looking forward to making days together less stressful and more enjoyable and doing what we want, when we want.

You remember long, long, long ago (BC) before children how you two made decisions about where to eat, you cooked together, cleaned up together and enjoyed your time together.  If you wanted to go somewhere no one asked you where you were going, and no one followed.

Well that's where we are today.  Right now I know it's great and I will see them as they visit.  I did fine when Sarah moved out and I'll do fine now that Ben and Rachel have a place to call home.
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Wait until you see this video. We all have days like this. This cutie pie can't find his fork!  Can you find his fork?

This card was for today's Inspiration Challenge.  My inspiration was this candy.  I used the colors of it in my card.  The Bug-a-boo image is digital which was colored by Copic markers. I stamped the background then spritzed it with water to get a water-colored background.
Pick Four Candies
 This card was for the sketch challenge. This is an image from Our Daily Bread Designs which was sitting in my box waiting to be used.  I colored the trees and mountain with Copic markers then used sponged and daubers to softly sponge the sky and edges of the card. I used my distressing tool to distress the edges all around the card.
I had some fun today getting some of the things in the house moved around.  It's like a new house to us without the kids. The pantry has fewer things in it so I could move every thing up one shelf so I can easily get to it.

I moved some of my coffee closer to the coffee maker where they could be seen.  I moved tea to other cupboards.
Tim and I took the leaf out of our kitchen table and collapsed it to fit 4 people.  The leaf is handy but for now it's pretty cute.

I took chairs from the kitchen table and put them into the living room around the couch.
Down-sizing isn't so bad ya know?

Tim and I went to Subway for dinner and brought dinner home.  We sat out on the porch to eat until the storm came too close for comfort.  We went inside then the storm blew past us without even a drop of rain.

There are smiles on our faces and we feel like kids in a new home!  It's been 21 years since we were only a couple.
I love being a mom and I love even more associating with my kids as adults out on their own.  Isn't it interesting how much more intelligent you become when kids move out and don't know as much as they thought they did! LOL
I'm truly enjoying this stage of life getting to know my kids as an adult/friend.  Thank you God for giving us these children to raise.  Now we rededicate them to you so they can fly and become the adults you want them to be.

I did find a DVD Ben made for Grandma and Grandpa Craig years ago that had lots of baby pictures of both kids.  I had some tears there because I enjoyed watching them develop and change.  I ususally said, "By the time I get used to this stage, they'll change to the next!"

Verse of the Day: I'm praying that I can become consistent with my quiet time now that things have settled down around here.
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This is not a new song by the Newsboys but has a great message.  We're taught as Christians that God is coming again and He'll take all believers to Heaven.  This is not our home, Heaven is our destination.  What can be better than that?  I bow down to Christ the Kind whom I worship with song and praise.  Thank you Lord for bringing me into your family.

Blessing of the Day: Ben and Rachel got moved into their apartment today.
Praising God things went well for them and that they had so much help to move.

Thanks for stopping by.
If you see me and see that beaming smile on my face, you know why.....I'm and empty-nester!

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