Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So Many Things To Love

To my sisters and friends
I'm convinced God makes Moms in a special way. They provide the emotional segment of love. No matter how old your children are, mom's can always hug them because of that connection.
God gifts us children knowing exactly what he's doing. We are given our individual challenges with our children. He knows this will grow each of us in the way we need to grow. He knows best. Many times I've questioned why things have happened but he is God so who am I to question him?
We have each been challenged by our children and come out the other end. We are stronger than we ever thought we could be. We are changed by these experiences. We'd never ask to go through these experiences again but it has made us and our children who we are today.

I'm trying to apply, praise Him in all things, and it's oh so hard. Prayers help me through each minute of every day.
Thank you for being the dear sister or friend you are.

This is the second set of Thank You cards for Ben and Rachel. They send cards to supporters of their ministry.
 This was for today's color challenge where garden green, crushed curry, cajun craze, and chocolate chip were the colors.  I cut and layered 4 layers of sorry. Then I added copper embossing powder 4 layers worth. Now it looks like a metallic addition to the card.  I sponged from the choc. chip color up to bashful blue sky.
 This is my card from Sunday where I took someone's card and CASED it.  Here's the original card, then my card
I masked the top and bottom with post-it notes then stamped the flowers with versamark ink then heated the white embossing powder. Then blue and green ink was sponged on the card.  Lastly the leaves were stamped.
This is a 50 mile field that was planted in memory of a little girl who died of cancer.  What a beautiful memorial.
I'm learning to rejoice more and more at what God's doing in my life. It's not easy many times, but I know he's preparing me for something better.

Verse of the Day: I'm still striving to see God with all my heart and soul. Daily we all do this by our prayers, quiet time and Bible reading. God, continue to work in me to enable me to become more like you.
Image result for Deuteronomy 15:7-8
Thanks Annie for sharing this on FB. I saw it and decided to use it here.
What's your story?

Blessing of the Day: Last night Tim and I went grocery shopping for healthy stuff.  No junk food in this house. We've told the kids if they want snacks to bring their own.

Slowly I'm going through the house now cleaning it and little by little getting it to a new normal. With Ben and Rachel gone, we've begun going through things and trying to decide what to keep and what we can donate somewhere.  We know eventually we will down-size and we don't want to have to go through things when we're older ya know?

Thank you for stopping by.  Leave a comment or two and let me know how you are doing or what I can pray for you.

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