Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Make Your Mark On The World My Son

I went grocery shopping today and when I do, Ben brings the food in and helps me put it away.  I looked at him today and whined, "This is the last time you'll help me with the groceries."
Poor guy, he said, "I'll be around, I'll be close by."
He's always made sure mama was taken care of.

Day by Day more gets packed and moved to the living room and dining room to be ready to move Saturday morning.  Ben and Rachel worked today on emptying the basement of all of their things.  The keyboard and couch remain. They will be moved Saturday.

I'm sitting here listening to Tim and Ben moving stuff from upstairs or downstairs to the living room. It's hard to believe that Ben moved in here at 5 years old, a little squirt cute as a button.  He moves out a grown man stronger than Tim.  That's the way of life isn't it?
Go and do what God's given you to do.  Make your mark on the world my son.

I received mail yesterday from a name I didn't recognize.  The script was that of an older person. When I opened it I cried. It was from a gentleman of a woman I had just sent a birthday card to from Splitcoast Birthday Random Acts of Kindness.  The gentleman kindly explained that his wife had passed and he wasn't much of a card writer, so he was returning the card.  He also included a memorial card.  He explained she lost the battle with cancer.
I turned around and got a sympathy card and sent it to Gregg.  That was his name. I prayed for Gregg. Whenever anyone tells you they lost the 'love of their life', it's one of the toughest things to be the one left behind.
I felt so sad for Gregg and I hadn't even met him! Thank you God for the gifts you've given to me.
Cards can touch people in ways that other humans can't.
Life is so special that you don't have to know a person to pray for them in  their time of loss.  We've all known loss and pain associated with it.

Here is the card I made for today's color challenge.  The colors were real red, turquoise, emerald envy with the addition of a bird if you chose to.  Well here's my crazy bird.  The big dots behind the bird look black but they are actually red as you can see at the top of the white paper.  It's shiny red metallic paper added to a special paper that you heat.

I used Wink of Stella on the bird. There's lots of embossing with the big shot using the confetti folder and the big dots folder.

His love is unimaginable you know?  We can't fathom how deep his love is for us. It's deeper than we've ever been loved?  Who wouldn't want someone like that in their life?  It's crazy isn't it?

Listen to the in-tenseness of this song. It is by Casting Crowns called, Love You With The Truth.

Blessing of the Day: More and more is getting done for the move Saturday.

Thank you for stopping in today.

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