Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Another Day.....

This is a sympathy card that I made for the color challenge today.  The colors were razzleberry, sugarplum and smoky slate.  I used the lilacs stamp set called Blossoms Abound and turned the lilacs into a wreath.

This is for dear friends that Tim and I do Bible Study with who lost their 17 year old niece to cancer. I wanted to make a very special card for them. Tomorrow is the viewing and Thursday will be the funeral.  So sad to go to a funeral for someone so young.  God I pray that you will fill them with strength and hope for the next few days.  May they be comforted by you and all who draw near to say goodbye to Hannah.
I started this yesterday but didn't get far.  Both Tim and I are on edge with his work situation.  I had to go to bed early last night. Today I prayed and was restless about what his company would tell all of the employees.  Tomorrow they will find out I guess. God's in control and I must lean on that.  That is not easy to do. God please help me to lean on you for only you will know what will happen and what we need.

This is my card for yesterdays technique and clean and simple challenges.  The background is called faux leather and for clean and simple we were to use a pumpkin. Pumpkin Lattes and coffees, teas, etc. are now in season so what better use of my pumpkin!

It's a sad, sad day for the Parma City School District. This is the district that I attended as a child and the same one I worked in for 35 years.  Check this out.
Verse of the Day:
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It's been an emotional day for me. Our dear friends are traveling to Pennsylvania for the funeral of their 17 year old niece. The school district I attended and taught in is in financial ruin. Tim's job situation is uncertain. The debates last night and the shape our country is in is so sad.  It sometimes feels overwhelming with all the sad news.  Sometimes I wish I could just hide away somewhere and not have to deal with politicians, and people who just hurt others without a care.  

Our world has change dramatically in the last 8 years. It's hard to believe that we could elect a criminal to the White House! Really?!  Satan is running rampant here in America.  God has been removed and all hell is breaking loose.  I am praying for our kids that they can rise up as strong Christians and help God heal this land.  It could only be done with God.  

Here is a new song by Tenth Avenue North called, Afraid.  Take a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Ben and Rachel had dinner with us. It was nice to talk to them and catch up.
Tim and I had a good talk tonight. God is in control and we need to seek His vision for us, not our own.
Thank you for checking in with me. Prayers appreciated.

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