Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day 2016

This was how I spent Labor Day in my youth.  We'd go to Parma Heights Pool. We'd swim until 3:00 p.m. when the guards would blow the whistles for a rest period.  Then employees of the pool would dump lots of goldfish into the pool.  Kids would stand on the edges of the pool waiting for the guards to blow the whistles to end the rest period.
Then we'd all jump in and try to catch a goldfish.  Once you caught one, you'd search out someone with a plastic bag with water in it.  You'd drop your fish into the bag and wait for your friends so you could take your fish home.

I had a fish that actually lasted more than two years and his name was Charlie.  Charlie lived in a bucket for two years.  It's truly amazing he lasted that long. He had no special set up in the bucket, just food daily and every now and then, I'd clean out the bucket!Image result for goldfish

This year we celebrated with Annie and Stas here.  The kids came over and instead of cooking out, we had sandwiches chips, dip, potato salad and two chocolate desserts thanks to Brianna and Sarah.

Anne and Stas had some visiting of family to do so the kids came back over when Annie and Stas arrived here.  They had about an hour before they went to visit Mom.

It was a tiring weekend.  I need to rest.
Thanks for stopping in.

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