Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sweaters, Sunflowers and Smiles

Isn't this just the cutest card?  We made it today when Jan and Jane came over.  We followed a video by Tami White found here.  Once you've made this once, it is easy to do.  I will probably make a half-dozen or so for the book shop in Berea.

 This is a cute card I colored today. The stamp was one a friend took but gave back to me yesterday.  The funny thing is, I sent her a picture of the card, and now she wants the stamp back! LOL
 This is the anniversary card I got for Ben and Rachel.  Their 3rd anniversary is Wednesday.  Hard to believe it's been 3 years already!  Praising God for bringing those two together.
This is the cutest, sweetest baby who is 9 months old.  He has beautiful blue eyes and looks like red hair like his dad.
The first game of the season for Ohio State.  If you look closely you can see the script OHIO.

The Prayers from Maria Foundation first planted the Sunflower field in 2014 to gracefully draw attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer.  The field was inspired by the memory and spirit of Maria McNamara, planted as a way to love and honor the courageous children who are battling cancer and those we have lost.

We hope everyone enjoys the serenity and beauty of Maria's Field of Hope!
Maria's Place in Avon off of I 90. 4.3 million seeds planted on over 50 acres. Very touching.

Special thanks to The Jacobs Group, Lowes, and Farmer John Betzel of County Line Farms for making this field possible.
In August 2016 the City of Avon declared the Sunflower to be the Official Flower of the City of Avon in honor of Maria McNamara and the Sunflower Field she inspired.

Isn't this an amazing place!  Many people are now visiting here and donating to keep research going for childhood cancers.   Pictures of friends are showing up daily of this field. They are in the middle of all of the flowers.  It's truly amazing.
I shared this picture as it looked like all of the sunflowers were bowing in prayer for the children who are remembered here.

Verse of the Day: One of the most common prayer requests is for fear.  Why do we fear so many things in our world?  I am so guilty of this also.  I remember a time Tim and I were talking and he said, "Sue, What is there to be afraid of?"  "What's the worst thing that can happen?"  "If we die, we're in Heaven with God."  It's a win-win situation for Christians.  I try to remember than worry and fear are the devil's tools.  I don't want to give him a foot hold.
Image result for Isaiah 41:10

Blessing of the Day: I stamped with Jane and Jan.  Please pray for Jane as she's having nerve pain in her neck and back.  She's traveling to Germany and Poland Thursday and she's worried about the flight and her pain.

Tim and I worked together to clean the house after all of the moving of things for Ben and Rachel. We also had to move the plants and furniture from the porch inside so we could have the floor and carpet replaced.  So glad that's done.

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