Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunflowers, Sadness, Savior, Song

I know I've posted this photo before, but I'm posting it again because a friend of mine and I went to this Field of Hope.  I was pretty excited when Jan asked if I'd like to see the field of Sunflowers.
We went Sunday and were so amazed at the number of flowers in the field.  It is so different when you witness it for yourself.  This sign is what greeted us as we arrived.
The flowers in the field were at different stages.  Some were looking right at us and some were bowing forward with the weight of the seeds they held. We were in awe of this field as we surveyed the vast array of flowers staring at us.
 Then the sadness began.  These beautiful flowers held tags from people who had lost loved ones to cancer.  They were heartbreaking to read.  This field held a multitude of prayers offered up for those who now had their wings and were in Heaven.
It got sadder....There were pictures posted of children who had lost their battle with cancer. This is Maria who the field was named after was the first picture we saw.  We also saw facts about childhood cancer which were very depressing.  Most kids who have a childhood cancer battle it but lost the battle.
On one of the plants was a Sunflower Prayer so I got a photo of it.

 Even after all of that sadness, the beauty won out. Jan and I photographed each other.  This was an amazing place and I'm so thankful I got to visit.  They have souvenirs, t-shirts and other things to buy as well as a 50-50 raffle to raise money for childhood cancer research.
I'm sure there were many prayers said in the field.  God you've created a peaceful place to pray, mourn, and bring hope to all who visit. Praising you for all you do!

This is my card for today's color challenge. I used coral, cantaloupe and saffron.
This is that huge woodpecker I talked about.  It is called a  Pileated Woodpecker.
This is the old table Brianna got from her mom. When her mom moved into a home in Maple Heights, this table was left by the previous owner.  It is a 1920's metal top table which opens up. Tim fixed this so Brianna could use it. It looks amazing!

We still don't know anything about Tim's job and how long he'll have it.  This is a great reminder to us.
Verse of the Day:
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Check out this song by the Afters called Battles.

Blessing of the Day: Ben and Rachel came to stay overnight. The brakes on their car needed to be repaired and it's easier to take Rachel to and from work from here.  House Guests!

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