Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trusting, Waiting, No Worrying Allowed

God we continue to trust in you and wait to see what will happen to Tim's job.  It's been so hard to know the company has been bought but be told nothing by the company.  The signing will take place Wednesday.  Perhaps that's the day they will announce it.
  Tim says it's so stressful to work there knowing that you probably won't have a job next month.
It's hard to come to terms that Tim may not have a job soon.  That means God has plans for him somewhere else.
  Please pray that we can be calm in the waiting and keep our eyes on God.

This really spoke to me.  It put a different spin on our love and compassion.  Did you ever think that you're making a difference in other's lives just by being with them?  You have been put here on this earth to make a difference for God.  He uses us to accomplish what He needs us to do.  Do you realize that only you can do some of the things you do? No one else can do what you do.  You were made with gifts from God.  He loves watching you use those God-given gifts!

I've loved this idea.  I pray that I am living a life pleasing to God. I want to encourage others by the way I live. I want them to see how I live and ask what's different about me.

Satan tries desperately to change our focus to upset you.  I am trying to stay focused on God so I can accept whatever happens with Tim's job.  That's not an easy task.
 Here's my clean and simple card for today. The challenge was to make something look like it's falling. The leaves were stamped with versamark ink then covered with copper embossing powder. The leaves were heat embossed then colored with water colors.
This is a new technique for me.  You took a stamp and inked up the back and stamped first.  Then you turned your stamp the right way and stamped again.

Verse of the Day:We desperately need love for the people around us.  We have come so far from communicating with even our neighbors, let alone others in our  city. The hate must end and forgiveness must be asked for from all who believe.
Image result for 1 John 4:20

This is a great song that's uplifting and has a great beat.  What's more it has a message of how his life changed after he found God.  Think about your life before God and after God. Think about your life now and then.  Hopefully you've changed and are showing the fruits of the spirit you were given.

Blessing of the Day: I saw Sarah today and she took the whole box of fall decorations. Continuing to down-size when I can.
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