Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cool God Story and The Cleveland Indians Move On

Cool God Story
Seeing God work is amazing isn't it?  Today I had a doctor appointment to review my blood work.  I was put on two more medications and wasn't very happy about it.  I was beginning to get sad as I walked out of the office.  
As I got to the outside of the building this thought came through to me.  This didn't happen overnight and it's not going away overnight.  You need to take control and not be 'the victim' here.  You are moving forward and have made some great changes so far.  Little by little you are making progress.  You can't blame this on anyone else. You made decisions all your life that got you here.  Put one foot in front of the other and begin your journey to get off as many meds as you can!  You are in control.

Now I know that wasn't me for sure.  I know God was talking to me the whole time.  It was amazing to see how quickly He turned things around, just like that.

This tickled my funny bone so I just had to share.

This makes it look like Sarah and Brianna are laughing at my picture above.
Sarah and Brianna were at a family wedding on Brianna's side of the family and took a selfie.
Woohoo, what a sweep!  Reminded me of the Cleveland Browns when they were called the Cardiac Kids.  The Cleveland Indians kept all of us on the edge of our seats until the very end.  You should have heard Tim and I yelling at Terry Francona when he kept his closer in the game.  We thought for sure we'd lose because if it.  Francona said his closer was staying in no matter what.
It was a great 3 games for the Cleveland Indians.  I can't believe how well the Indians played.
I can't wait to begin watching more of the Cleveland Indians, Friday.  The kids are coming over for dinner and we're all going to cheer on our team.  Go Indians!
Tom Hamilton is the most amazing announcer.  Give a listen.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for Matthew 16:26

Check this song out by Danny Gokey.  He has so many wonderful songs full of love and hope.

Blessing of the Day: Yesterday I got to bum around with Sarah since her car was in the shop.  It needed new back breaks.  We went to a farmer's market, then to the old Mill for bird suet, before I took her to work on her side of town.

She was told by a professor that she has to give a presentation or her grade will go down.  She is in the process of getting paperwork from her doctor to prove that she can't do this type of thing because of the anxiety it produces.  It's a real thing that was diagnosed.  Poor kid, you'd think a sociology teacher would 'get it' and provide an alternate assignment.  Oh well, God's in control whether Sarah believes it or not.

Please continue to pray for Tim. Supposedly he will have a job through the end of November, but it appears the new company is not too competent and have not done this before, so it could be a long, long time before Tim's out of a job.  It's hard to be in limbo.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Go Jays??

Love your blog, but have to respectfully disagree about your choice in baseball teams. ;-)