Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fuzzy Brain, Fall, Cards, Live It Well

          I went to visit my Mom again last night to drop off yarn I had bought for her since she was out.  When I arrived there my sister Laura had already dropped off two bags worth of yarn for mom.  Mom was at her hair appointment so she didn't see that my sister Molly dropped the yarn off for Laura.  Laura wasn't feeling well but wanted mom to have the yarn.

So I added my one bag of yarn to Mom's pile of yarn.  Mom was overwhelmed.  She was talking to God and letting Him know that she needed to be around to get all of the yarn made into blocks before he invites her home. LOL

Mom said she was not happy with the way her brain was today.  I asked her what she meant.  She easily told me. You know you can't retrieve information like you used to. She said, I keep repeating things over and over so I don't forget them.  I don't want to forget any more things.  I asked if that was part of her anxiety.  She said yes. It's exhausting to try to remember and fills her with anxiety to remember and forget.
     Please Lord, take this anxiety and worry away from Mom.  She is pleased you've given her the ability to make the blocks for afghans.  She feels needed.  She spends lots of time alone so she has lots of time to think about things.  Help her to find peace Father.

This was the sign in Mom's community announcing our good news.  When I first read it, I thought, there haven't been any babies born for the world series yet........duh......Then I got it. LOL  We all have our moments don't we?

Isn't this a gorgeous canopy of leaves to go through?  I saw this on FB and had to pass it along.

 Sunflowers at sunset. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.  I wish I could grow them here.
 This is the card I made for featured stamper today on SCS.  I think this kitty is just so sweet.  It's an image a sweet lady on SCS sent to me in a birthday card last year.
 This is the 3" x 3" card I made for Saturday's SCS challenge.  I don't often use 3x3 cards so I added this to a  regular sized card base and use it for Ben and Rachel to write a note in to people who sponsor them each month.
Verse of the Day: I want to know Christ and become more like Him.  
Image result for Philippians 3:10
Take a listen to this song today.  It's called, Live it Well by Switchfoot.  It's one of their more mellow songs. LOL

Blessing of the Day: I got so many errands done today. I got coffee for Tim, Yarn for mom, Cider and apples for Sarah, returned my library items and sat on the back porch watching the Browns lose their game.  They haven't won all year.  Sigh.....I guess they won't be celebrating a championship any time soon.

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