Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tranquility, Matthew, Victory in Believeland!

This is a picture a friend posted with the title, "Tranquility."  I thought it was a perfect name.  She is retired and loving it, especially with some place like this to go to.

Continuing to be in limbo with Tim and his job. Have to say though that I'm claiming this verse for right now. I don't know how non-believers go through tough times alone.
 I found out that my brother and his family are safe and the hurricane is past them. The tree which shaded the pool is gone, but they are all safe.  Thank you God for keeping John and his family safe.
 Here's a recap of the Cleveland Indian's Game last night.  What a fun game to watch with Tim.
Go Indians, This is your year!  I live in Cleveland which was named Believeland.
 Verse of the Day:I'm grateful that I have God to rely on. I'm trusting Him for all that is in my life.
Who do you trust?
Yesterday I went to school to volunteer.  It was a busy, busy day. I did lots of testing so we could chart progress. It's always great to look at results and see that what you are doing is making a difference.
I attended a parent conference where the parent asked if I did tutoring.  I told her that right now it's not something I'm doing. I felt badly but two days a week to volunteer is enough for me.

Love the title of Danny Gokey's song for today, Hope in Front of Me.  Give it a listen and put your Hope in God.
Blessing of the Day: Time with Tim watching the Indian's Game.
Thanks for checking in today.

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