Monday, January 9, 2017

Mish Mash Monday

I think about this every time I send my kids on their way to their home. Now that they are in their own homes, I more clearly understand my mother's joy when I visit.  I am filled with joy when my kids come to visit. The house is alive again with their words and laughter. It is filled with our laughter as well. Our kids were raised with a quick wit and it's amazing how funny they can really be.
 Saw this on FB and liked it. I love seasonal mugs. I keep them on the counter and use them through the different holidays or seasons.  I have Christmas mugs, Fall Mugs, Snowman mugs, and Valentine's Day mugs.
 I thought of my twin sister when I saw this. LOL  Annie, are we old enough to know better?
 This is quite the challenge. Go out, make a change, smile more, be excited, do new things, only follow positive people on social media, go to bed early, show more gratitude, do things that challenge you, be brave, be kind even when no one is watching.
 I'm thankful for the compass I have. I disappoint God daily yet he continues to love and guide me. What a miracle that is in itself.
 I am this girl! I love my flip flops. I wear them as long as I can.
 This is the card that I made today for a double challenge. One challenge was to make a twine inlay. The other was to make a hot beverage card.  I traced the heart then covered it with twine. Then I put the cut out heart on top.

Image result for john 14:21

Blessing of the day: I got lots of things done around here. We got a small hand-held vacuum to make doing the steps easier. There's always something to do. I had an 8 o'clock meeting for PHCA.

Praising God for a 2 year old whose been in the hospital since Friday because she was so dehydrated from this bad flu going around. She was listless to the point of not responding except to pain. She is coming home today! Thank you God. Your are the ultimate healer!

Thanks for stopping by today.

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