Friday, January 27, 2017

Chloe Doing Some Snow Flake Watching

I laughed when I saw this.  We've made one empty nest room into a guest room and the other is my sitting room where I can read, crochet, knit, and watch tv.  Is it true it you've reassigned the rooms as something other than your child's bedroom, that they can't come back? LOL
 I've gone through my crafting stuff and donated a lot to people who have lost items in a fire or flood. I've also given stamps and supplies away this past summer to friends.  Years ago I had been given a large number of stamps for the Card Ministry I ran at our church.  Now that I'm not at the church any more, I gave some of the stamps to the woman who took over at church.
So, I don't need more space for my stuff.  I am enjoying using my stamps and supplies to make cards for South Carolina Juvenile Justice System.
 I felt this very thing when I found out I was pregnant with each of my kids.  I also thought about it again when each child was dedicated to God. Some churches baptize the baby, Christians dedicate their baby to the Lord.  We played a song during the service that said even if he's only here for a while, we know God's gift will bless us while the baby is here.

This little stinker began playing with the window blinds about 1:30 a.m.  She had energy and was wired to stay awake.  We, however were not.  In desperation I opened the blinds by my chair by the window.  Then I put a box by the window so Chloe could stand on it and look outside.  She was so cute watching the snowflakes fly around.  We have lights in the front of the house for security and that was just enough for her to see the snowflakes and stare in amazement.  I finally got to sleep while she watched the snowflakes.  This was taken about 1:30 a.m.
As morning came, Chloe was found on the box in some of the cutest poses.
She once again looked outside at all that moved.  It was fun to watch her check things out.  It was also snowing again, so Chloe had lots of snowflakes to watch.  She and I were both entertained.

Verse of the Day: We as Christians, as we believe what the Bible tells us, and we live like God has told us, will deal with those who do not believe.  Those that do not understand or even disagree with our views about God may give us trouble. We will be challenged and asked to defend our belief . Here in the U.S. we are so fortunate to be able to chose to believe in Jesus and have a Bible. In other places they are not so lucky.  So by believing and living for God it means we will have challenges that we must be willing to suffer for.  
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This is a great, encouraging song.  Check out the words and music of Ryan Stevenson in this song called, Eye of the Storm.
T-minus 2 days until Tim goes to his new job.
Blessing of the Day: Tim and I went with Ben to Mom's Deli where Rachel works.  She's got one more week to work there.  Then she will work at CVS near her house.  It's a 25 minute drive to and from work.
Seeing Rachel at work was a blessing as she's been sick with a high fever for a few days.

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