Sunday, January 29, 2017

You've Made A Difference

This mug with the snowman is my inspiration from Carolyn's gallery. She was chosen as the featured stamper of the week. My card has the two mugs.  I used small hearts paper instead of polka dots. I also used a heart cut out instead of a circle. I stamped and cut out the snowflakes and mugs. Before I added the images, I dry embossed with a heart embossing folder that goes horizontal. I loved that I found one that is horizontal. I added dimensionals to the backs of the images.
Have your had any of these kind of days lately?  For me it's so hard to believe this.  Sometimes at times like these, I feel like I've been deserted by God.  I throw a great pity party for myself and feel justified.  How about you?
We all have these days, I know we do.  I need to go to God and talk to Him about how I'm feeling. He knows and cares deeply about me. He has his purpose and reasons for me. I just have to stay close to Him to see where he wants me to go and what he wants me to do.
Pray that when I feel disappoints and am tempted to throw a pity party for myself, that I'll be more constructive and talk to God and walk forward through it.
What a beautiful thing to do, Thank people for the difference they've made in your life.  I'll bet there are people who don't realize they've made a difference.  Your telling them, may be just the thing they needed to hear today.

I was given a book called, Choosing Gratitude-your journey to joy, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
I am anxious to begin reading it.  At the back is a 30 day devotional.  I'll let you know how it's going.
Oh my, do you remember when your children or niece or nephew were babies? Do you remember the first time you saw that baby?  I do, and I cried. I couldn't believe the blessing I'd been given from God.  I remember at the Dedication of my kids, that God loaned them to me. I had to love them fiercely not knowing how long God would loan them to me.
I've never loved this kind of love.  The love of your child is so different from the love of a spouse, friend or family.
Thank you God for giving me the special gifts of Ben, Sarah, Rachel and Brianna.

Verse of the Day: I've seen time and time again what tithing can do. I've heard stories of people giving in spite of their money situation. They were rewarded and taken care of by God.  Never doubt that what you give to God will come back in abundance.
Image result for Malachi 3:10

I am watching a PBS series called Poldark.  I know they are on season 2 but I didn't hear about it until my twin said something about it.  Just watching how they live tells me I never could have survived during that period in time.

Give a listen to this song called, What a Beautiful Name, by Hillsong.

Blessing of the Day: We got to see Ben and Rachel for a little bit.  We watched the Cavs game together.  
Please pray for Tim as he starts his new job tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping in today.

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