Monday, January 16, 2017

Meet My Alarm Clock

Meet my alarm clock from yesterday. That's right, Chloe knocked the lamp over on my night stand. Good Morning! LOL

Chloe was my alarm clock this morning as well. She was licking my fingers as she groomed herself right next to me......Hello sweet kitten.

This is my card for today's challenge on SCS. You were to put a smile face on something to make others smile when they see it.
We remember Martin Luther King Jr.  Did you know that Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. were friends?  Did you know that Billy Graham refused to speak in Africa until whites and blacks could attend together?  

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Billy Graham saw ropes dividing blacks and whites at one of his events. He asked the head usher to take down the ropes. The usher refused, so Billy Graham took them down.  During this time because of his support of Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham and his family faced danger.  That's the kind of hate that was and still is out there.
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Verse of the Day: This verse if often misinterpreted. This doesn't mean that anything you ask God for you will get.  God's not like the genie in the lamp.  He will give you the desires of your heart that are within his will for you.
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Here's the Christian New Artist of the year, Laurn Daigle.

Please pray for Tim for tomorrow and Wednesday. He has a job interview each day.
Thank you in advance.

Blessing of the Day: I got a comforter and pillows for the guest bedroom today.  I am making progress in getting my medications moved from one pharmacy to another due to insurance changes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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