Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wonderful Memories

My aunt posted this picture on FB a few days ago.  It is a picture of my mom's mom holding my cousin and brother.  This was taken at mom's home in Parma Heights.  If you check out Grandma's left wrist you'll see a bracelet.  It was a charm bracelet her kids got her that had a charm of each grandchild with their name and birth date engraved on it.  She wore it all the time. You could hear the tinkling of that bracelet every time she moved her arm.

I remember many times asking to look at that bracelet on her arm. I'd turn it around and around looking for my charm of course! Sweet memories.  Grandma could come and stay for weeks sometimes.  I hated saying goodbye. I'd cry when she left.  One time I hid in the basement so I wouldn't have to embarrass her or myself at the airport.  I've always hated good byes.
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Here's a picture of my new room. This was Ben's bedroom. Tim painted it and cleaned the carpeting. Then we moved the stuff from the basement up to this room.  The only thing we bought was the ottoman. Tim wanted me to have a nice place to retreat to where I could do my knitting and crocheting.  We also were thinking about kitty-proofing the downstairs when the kitten begins to run around. We saw the spider plants that she'd certainly play with and try to eat and decided to put them in my new room.  It's perfect for light and I'd see them daily and care for them better.  Win-Win!
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This is something I pray. I want to be all used up when I die.  I want to do God's will and serve Him the best that I can.
This little girl was so sweet.  I post this because of all the negativity that's resurfacing due to the Inauguration Friday.
I saw this as well and I think Teddy had the best idea.  For all of these protesters instead of complaining be a positive influence and help where you can where you live.  You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when you try.
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The beach is my favorite vacation spot. How about you?  There's nothing like the calming sound of waves moving in and out on the beach.
These two cards were made for the color challenge this week. The colors were gray, rose red and white. I love these stamps called Adorable Elephants. I colored and cut them out and added them to my background.  I used both the positive and negative hearts.

Verse of the Day: 1 John 2:15-17
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Blessing of the Day: I got cards mailed for Cards for a Cause and South Carolina Juvenile Justice System.

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