Monday, February 27, 2017

More Movement-Clapping Brings Tears

Saw Mom for morning therapies. Wow, what an improvement in a week!  In speech she could name most of the pictures she was shown. She was able to read incomplete sentences and supply the missing word, and was able to point to most of the pictures for her needs and wants.  What was difficult was naming things in categories. Catergories were, clothing, fruit, what we drink.  

Next she went to Physical Therapy. She didn't like the Physical Therapy Assistant much.  She worked on some exercises for her left foot and leg. Then they worked on standing up straight. That was very difficult. Mom had knee pain.  When this therapist walked away, Mom would roll her eyes as she does when she doesn't like something.

In Occupational Therapy she worked on moving her wheelchair.  She also showed the O.T. how she squeezed her hand with her right hand! Mom also worked on rotating her are so her palm was up then down.  She worked on helping the O.T. move her right arm to touch her shoulders and head.  What a great sight when an aide clapped for Mom and she used her right had to clap too! Tears flowed for that one!  So glad I was there.

Spring will be here before you know it.  I can't wait to see these birds back in full force at the feeder.  The butterflies will be here before we know it too.
 This is the card I made for today's challenge to make something Spring like.
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Blessing of the Day:Mom's moving her right arm! Praise God!
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