Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sweet And NOT So Innocent!

Here she is, this little stinker. She has grown enough to be able to jump up to the counter. She's figured out if she jumps on the toilet, then she can jump on the counter to be with Phoebe.  Poor Phoebe has had enough of this little kitten today.  Chloe has been chasing Phoebe all day. Phoebe just wanted to find somewhere that the kitten couldn't get to her.  She's going to have to start hiding in order to sleep! LOL
When I saw this, I loved it immediately. Sometimes we hold ourselves to the standard of perfection.  We believe the lies of Satan. I am covered with God's grace, every second of every day. I wouldn't have it any other way.
This is my sister-in-law, Lenora holding her first grandson!  Beautiful picture.  This is Colton, my nephew's new baby. He is the first baby on both sides of the family. Can you say, SPOILED! haha
The first card is my inspiration for today's challenge. I chose granny and colored her clothes with the same colors. Then I added the black behind the images.  I said, "This is the little girl when she grows up!" The saying works for either age, don't ya think?
Saturday's Inspiration Challenge used tea bags that were stamped on. I chose the poppy tea bag and stamped and colored my image.  What you can see is the clear and yellow Wink of Stella.
I saw this on Pinterest and had to share. We should all be praying for our husband. I admit many times I forget, however when I see things like this it reminds me how important he is to pray for.
I felt like I had to post this when I saw it today. I'm not sure if someone is fighting this battle or not, but knew I had to post this. If it helps even one person, it was well worth posting.
Verse of the Day: Romans 8:32
This goes with the song I posted at the bottom of the page.  I want to be fearless. With all that I'm going through with my Mom's health and visiting her, Tim not working, and my health issues, it's easy to become overwhelmed and let Satan win with his lies.  I'm so glad my Daddy's name is JESUS!
Image result for if god is for us
This is a new artist to me named, Jasmine Murray.  I can relate to her new song, Fearless.  If God is for me who can be against me?

Blessing of the Day: We got to see Ben and Rachel for the afternoon. This is the last Sunday they will be doing laundry here. They will move to their new place which has it's own washer and dryer.  The first Sunday we can, Tim and I are going to bring OUR laundry to do at their house! LOL
Their new home is on W.49th St.  It is several blocks from my grandfather's old house on W.60th st.

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