Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sweet Potato Kitten

Oxfordshire England--endless poppy fields
Isn't this just gorgeous? I love poppies and have never seen this many before.
 This rings so true for me.  Once you have a child, there is nothing you wouldn't do for them.  Children are such a gift from God. To think God believed I'd make a good parent is mind boggling.  I remember dedicating the kids to God knowing he could take them back any time he wanted.  That was my reality, however, my kids are still here praise God.

I remember when Sarah was born that I had a large blood loss. I had to have blood to replace what I'd lost. I remember after she was born the nurses saying the blood wouldn't stop.  I prayed so hard to God that day. I told Him I couldn't believe he'd allow me to die on the day my baby had been born.  Fortunately bleeding came under control and we both went home together.

 This is our silly cat, Chloe. The other day she pulled this wrapped sweet potato out of the pantry. I heard it hit the floor from the other room.  Next thing I see is her carrying this thing to me like a mouse. I wish I'd have gotten a video of this.
   Chloe did this again today so Tim had to hide the potatoes on a higher shelf. LOL
 This is the card I made Tuesday to use the colors of the week, razzleberry, olive and pumpkin pie.  I love this Blossoms Abound stamp set. It's an oldie but a goodie.
 I started trying to make cards from images that have been colored.  This is a get well card. I need to finish with greetings inside and out.
 This is an Easter card I made using Stampin' Up's new set called, Easter Message. I masked the cross so I could stamp the palms in each corner.

 This is one of my favorite Our Daily Bread Designs stamps. It bring back so many memories of the pussy willows in our yard when we were young.
 This is one of the 10 thank you cards I made for Ben and Rachel to send to their supporters. I make cards each month.  I had it out on my desk and knew it would make a great card.

Verse of the Day:1 John 4:12
Think about what the world would be like if we all did this.  Even our own little world would be so much better if we could love and help one another. Think of some ways you can love on others. It doesn't cost anything but time and energy.  Dare to make your little place in the world a better place. 
Image result for 1 John 4:12

This is a new song from Mercy Me.  Give it a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Tonight out of no where I hugged Tim and started to cry. He held me tight and said it would be ok.  We'd figure this all out together.  To be held and reassured and validated like that meant the world to me.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with an incredible husband.

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