Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flowers, Dog, Loss

These are three pictures of some of my favorite flowers from my childhood. My mom had bleeding hearts in her garden and I was fascinated by them and how delicately they were formed.
She also had lily of the valley which smelled so wonderful.

Another favorite was her Oriental Poppies.  I've had all three of these plants in my yard until the herd of deer came through. Apparently these are a tasty treat for deer.
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This is Mom petting my sister Laura's foster dog, Scout. My mom had dogs growing up and a short, 10 minute visit works wonders for both the dog and Mom.

My sweet twin sister Anne is here visiting so she's going to see Mom daily. It's nice to have a bit of a break while she's here. I am getting some of my ministry things done. I got a lot done today. I had to stamp greetings in about 150 cards and attach the greetings to the insides of cards that were already made.  Tomorrow I will send two boxes to different charities and begin again to stamp.

I had a lot of cards donated by Splitcoaststampers ladies. However many of the cards didn't have a greeting inside. So I stamp a greeting and attach it to the inside of the card.

My aunt and uncle are filled with pain after the death of their grandson, Dustin.  Dustin is my cousin's son. He was a 31 year old cop who was off-duty riding his motorcycle and was hit by a car at an intersection. Dustin was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries.  He is survived by his wife, parents and grandparents. How sad to see a life cut short due to an accident.  An investigation is being made to see if charges will be filed against the other driver. So sorry for your loss James Family.

Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 6:5-Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all you strength.
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Blessing of the Day: Annie was home in time to eat chili with us. We put pasta in the bottom of our bowl then put chili on top of it.  Anyone else eat their chili this way?


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