Friday, May 26, 2017

Cavs, Cards, Carnes

  Cavs 135 to Boston 102 for game 5 in Boston last night.  What a game for the Cavs. Take a look at some of the excitement that went on.  We'll be seeing the Golden State Warriors next Thursday for Game 1 of the NBA finals.  This series will be the toughest of all.  Either team could win it.

We have a couple of hummingbirds who are already regular visitors to the salvia or feeder. Love watching them stop to get a drink.  It doesn't matter how many times a day I see them, I still stop talking and watch them, just like a little kid.
This is my card for today's challenge. Wendy challenged us to make a card without using stamps. What I did was use dies. I cut the chair die from the new Stampin up dies and trimmed it a bit to make it look like a trellis. Not sure I succeeded, but I tried.
This is the cute Graduation card I made for Sarah Annie. I'm waiting for her to show me her diploma when it comes. Then I'll give her the card.

This card was for the Wednesday sketch challenge.  I had the image and sentiment already made. I just put them together.

Verse of the Day: I always heard, "you can't take it with you," as I was growing up. Tim and I have worked very hard to not make money and idol. We struggle with some things, but other things are easy. If you saw our furniture, you'd see end tables I bought at a flea market 30 years ago. You'd see no top-of-the-line furniture or anything in our house.  Our cars are ordinary, as are our clothes.
We try to focus more on God and what He wants us to do, than on money and what we want to buy with it.
Image result for Ecclesiastes 5:15

Please continue to pray for my siblings. There is great hurt that's been done by a few, to a few. Only through God can we come together again as a family.

Blessing of the Day: We got to see Ben, Sarah, Brianna and the puppy named Harper.  Harper had another vet visit which is close to us, so they stopped by.
Sarah helped me clean up my plants so I took her to lunch. We really have great conversations now that she is over 18 and making her own life decisions.

Thank You for stopping by.

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