Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sometimes That's The Way It Is

This is just what I was feeling the other day. Some days are like that. It doesn't matter how long someone's been gone, you still feel the loss. I often wonder what things would have been like if my Dad had lived.  The talks we would have had. The hugs and kisses he'd have given his grandchildren. (He would have made an amazing grandfather.) The silliness he'd have shown grandchildren.  What a loss we've had.  Sometimes it's hard to believe God needed him more in heaven that here on earth.  He was only 57 when he died. I so wish I could hug you again and tell you what's going on in my life. Our Sunday breakfasts would have continued. That was our time, just you and me time. It was my favorite time of the week.  My Dad and I had traveled from father/daughter to friend/friend.  I treasured that time where he was so honest and easy to talk to.  I know I will see you again, Dad. One day we'll be reunited.
This made me laugh so hard. The older the kids got, the fewer cookies we actually baked.  Often times though we baked for bake sale so we needed more than 1 cookie! LOL
This is the card I made for the technique challenge yesterday. It was washi tape watercolor. You lay your washi tape and watercolor around it.  Here's what I came up with for my second card. I cut the chair out of white paper. I water colored it with navy ink. I sponged the background then added grass using High Tide.  This is going to Ben for my Mother's Day gift.
This is my card for today's challenge. Colors were artichoke,  Peek-a-boo Peach and Calypso Coral.

Defend the Land with the Cavs begins tomorrow night in Boston.  I've missed watching games with Tim.

Verse of the Day:James 1:22- Just Do It!
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Jesus you are my all in all.....A great line from Phil Wickham's song, My All In All.  What a love song to God.

Blessing of the Day:Ben with family help finished his brick patio. Tomorrow they will add sand in the cracks to keep it stable.  Great job guys!

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