Saturday, May 13, 2017

T'was The Night Before Mother's Day

T'was the night before Mother's Day, when all through the house
Were two mischievous cats, chasing a mouse.
The mouse was stuffed, but they didn't care,
Phoebe chased by Chloe that wasn't rare.
Together they ran as fast as they could,
to the back porch as only they would.
To Tim's lap went Phoebe in a leap,
Where safely Phoebe would go to sleep.
And where was Chloe, sad and forlorn?
Asleep in a basket all comfy and warm.

Bad poetry but a cute story all the same.

Tonight Tim and I did our Mother's Day tradition. We went to the greenhouse to pick out perennials for the garden.  We battle every year with the deer.  Tim got a large spraying container so that we can spray the plants with deer away once a week.  It's a pain, but I love seeing a pretty garden, so we both work to keep the plants from being eaten.

When the kids were here, we'd get the plants and Tim and the kids would plant them for me in the garden.  It was a fun, family tradition.

Tonight Tim and I got the plants then went to the other end of the greenhouse and got ice cream. This place added an ice cream shop. They have coffee there too.
Like two kids we ate our ice cream before we had dinner. :)
I found this picture of Sanibel Island, and it brings me so much joy. It reminds me of our trip there in 2015. Tim and I went to my nephew's wedding in October in Daytona. We then added days to make it a vacation and went to beaches.  It was one of the best vacations we had.  To be at the beach every day was great. Our hotel or house was on the beach so we could keep the windows open and hear that surf through the day and night.  In October it isn't crowded and it's great for walking the beach.

This is my card for yesterday's free 4 all challenge. You had to pick flowers that were special to you.  I chose the bleeding hearts because my mom had these in her garden.  When I moved out I put them in my garden. Now Sarah has them in her garden.  I wonder if my grandmother had these in her garden?  Such a fun generational plant.  This stamp is a very old, wooden PSX stamp. They were known for gorgeous, detailed images.  They are collector's items in the world of stamps.
 This is the inspiration for my card for today.  This is the corner garden stamp set from Stampin' Up.
Flower Watercolour Clipart, Hand Painted Graphics - Florence
 When I saw this I thought of Sarah. It's a fairy garden in a tea cup.  Sarah loves succulents and this would be a cute gift for her.  I'll have to find a cute tea cup first.
I started my day with lunch with Ben and Tim. Ben wanted to take me to lunch for Mother's Day. I think it was supposed to be 'our' time, but Tim whined that he wanted to go too. We let him come along.  It was a nice time. I've yet to have a meal I didn't like at this family run restaurant.

Jane came to stamp today.  It's always fun to get together. We each prepare a card for the other to make.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for Isaiah 40:28

This is an oldie, but a goody. Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.

Blessing of the Day: Time with Jane stamping. Time with Tim at the greenhouse. Time with Ben for lunch.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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