Monday, June 12, 2017

Gardens, Flags, Broken Things

I awoke to these beautiful pictures of my twin sister's rose garden.  My hobby is stamping, hers is gardening. She has so many gorgeous roses in her garden.  I think she got her love of roses from our Grandma Francis. She had so many plants inside and of course beautiful flowers outside.

See the chair back there? Wouldn't this be a wonderful place to sit and read or do Bible time?  I loved sitting outside at her house listening to the birds sing their songs.

This is my card for a double challenge today. The Clean and Simple challenge was to use the colors of your country's flag. The Technique Lover's Challenge was to use sand paper against water color pencils to get a dusting on your wet water color paper. That's what I did with red and blue. Then I stamped the flag on top of that.  Pretty cool huh?  It gives a great texture to the background.

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 29:23 I remember hearing, Pride comes before the fall, as I was growing up. Now I have the reference for that.  When I was a young married woman I had many disagreements with Tim that were a result of pride.  God worked on me and maybe age helps with that. Things that were important years ago, just aren't important now.
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This is a new song by Matthew West called, Broken Things. It's a beautiful song showing how even as broken things, God can use us.  Many times it's because we're broken that He uses us.

Blessing of the Day: Our first day in the pool. Thanks again to Tim for all he did to get it ready for us. Ben, Rachel, Harper, and Sarah came to swim.  Yup, Harper swam too! LOL
Tim had a phone interview today. Pray for Him that we look for God's will in all of this.

Thanks for checking in today.

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